In the continuing saga of Lamar Odom, after being arrested for a DUI, the basketball star may have spent some time in rehab after possibly separating from his wife Khloe Kardashian for a drug problem that was so bad his dealer had to cut him off. Phew.

All of which could be the tip of the iceberg that sinks 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

Through various means TMZ learned that last week Odom was cut off from his drugs by his own crack cocaine dealer, who is such a savvy business person that they want to keep their clients alive.

Allegedly a fiending Lamar hit his dealer up so much for crack that said dealer worried about being drawn into an overdose scandal and halted his deliveries.

All of this prompted the Kardashians to shut off any and all publicity about their family.

Things have gotten so bad that industry insiders are saying that when the Kardashians television show contract is up in 2015 it could mean the end of 'KUWTK' once and for all. (Insert heavenly choir singing here.)

As one reality television show author told Radar, "People are starting to say, 'I think we're over it,'" however, considering how cheap it is to produce a reality show, "E! is probably going to hold on as long as they can despite what the viewers want."

"Brands are about building trust and value … the Kardashians don’t care about that, they care about marketing, slapping their name on whatever they can until the interest runs out," added a branding expert who says the girls are more interested in earning now rather than earning for the long run.

Concluded Hollywood publicist Michael Levine, "They knew at some point the show was gonna end all along! And I don’t think the show ever had much credibility to begin with."

Sounds like the Kardashians are going to need some Kardashian brand aloe for those burns. No, no, we're sure that must exist somewhere.

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