Lamar Odom, the basketball player who may or may not be separated from wife Khloe Kardashian, has checked himself into rehab following his DUI arrest on August 30 and a one year suspension of his license for refusing to take a chemical test.

According to a source for Us Weekly, his decision to enter a program couldn't have come at a better time.

"The addiction had taken over their marriage," said informant explained. "The problem is cocaine. He would be high for three or four days at a time."

The 32-year-old has had drug related problems in the past. Back in 2003 he admitted to having trouble with marijuana, and in 2001 he violated two NBA drug policies in an eight month span.

His father also had heroin abuse problems, which at one point made Odom comment that he was "fighting my father's demons."

Here's hoping a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is just what he needs to kick those pesky demons to the curb.

UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that they can't find any evidence that Lamar is in fact in rehab and instead he merely may have went off the radar for a few days. We will keep you updated as we learn things.

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