Now if this doesn't beat all, a rapper stopped his show because  a guest from the audience rapped his lyrics which included the 'N'-word. I'm on the fence about this, he asked the person on stage to sing along with one of his songs that includes the 'N'-word and when they sang what he sang it was a problem.

First, whether the person was black or white, he sang the song, so what's the problem? The fact that a white girl said the 'N'-word is the issue. Not that he could have used any number of other words in his song, but he chose to use that one. I am of the reasoning that it (n-word) is a term used in the black community and should remain in that community. When used by other non-blacks the meaning and pronunciation change dramatically.

The fact that he stopped the show and pointed out this fact is a point of contention that we will address in another post at another time. Why do we as black people feel the need to use a word that has such a polarizing effect?

The crowd was right to boo the young lady that said the 'N'-word, but was Kendrick responsible at all for writing a song that has that in it, and also performing it in a racially mixed crowd?

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