How bad is this current wave of illness spreading?  So much so that an entire school system has decided to shut down.

Tuesday, Lamar County Schools announced it would be closed for the rest of the week, with students returning to classes on Monday, Feb. 3.

It is reported that over half of the students at South Lamar School were out Tuesday and that almost one-fourth of students in the county were absent.

It sounds like an astronomical number of students to be out of school, but it also sounds like parents in Lamar County are quite sympathetic to the point that sending a sick child to school puts other children at risk. Considering the fact that having a sick child puts the parent in a position to not only miss work but to also have to pay for doctors’ visits and medication, parents of well children should appreciate the move by Superintendent Vance Herron.  It may be a slight inconvenience, but things certainly could be worse.

Kudos to parents and school administration who keep their sick children from infecting others!

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