Let’s face it, bug bites SUCK! However, I am not keen on bug repellents because they dry out my skin or stink. I know you don’t want either of those. So, while at the Alabama State University vs. Bethune Cookman football game tailgating festivities in Montgomery, Alabama, I made a new friend.

That new friend noticed me scratching, and of course, I rolled my eyes and commented something like the bugs are tearing up my legs. She grabbed her purse and dug around. I was thinking to myself; I hope she had some bug repellent. I was wrong.

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She told me about a life hack with a common household item that is in your laundry supplies. When she told me I couldn’t believe it.

A Dryer Sheet!

Right, I know you are confused too. Yes, a dryer sheet. She said if you take the dryer sheet and rub it on your skin and keep one on you (in your pocket), it’s like a bug repellent.

I also found other great uses for dryer sheets, like cleaning bugs off your car.

Smell goods in the toilet paper holder.

Remove frizz out of your hair.

Enjoy. If you have any more uses for dryer sheets. Let me know.

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