Global Entrepreneurs Week is soon to come, and area entrepreneurs have a chance to win $1,000 to help launch their businesses in the 2020 Virtual River Pitch Competition.

For many would-be entrepreneurs, one of the greatest concerns is start-up costs. Well, during Global Entrepreneurs Week (Nov. 16-18), the Alabama Entrepreneurship Institute, The Edge, Edge Labs, and the Culverhouse College of Business at the University of Alabama will host a competition where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to prep and pitch their business concepts and network with other entrepreneurs.

Caramyl Drake

The beauty of this is that it offers assistance to those who have wonderful ideas but aren’t really sure which direction to travel.  It also affords the opportunity to learn from those who’ve made mistakes along the way and can help prevent others from doing the same. Participants will be able to gain information on ways of cultivating their businesses and eliminate a great portion of the trial and error phase.

The University of Alabama, the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, and the City of Tuscaloosa offer an abundance of resources for those looking to go into business.  Many of the events put on by these entities the provide networking opportunities, which help in making others aware of your business’ existence.

There are multiple events scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Registration is required.

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