Since I've been in Tuscaloosa, I've noticed that there are a lot of deaths caused on the railroads by trains. Last weekend, when I was driving around, I noticed that a couple of railroad tracks, don't have the arms that extend down to let you know a train is coming. I was scared to even cross the track. I turned down my music, rolled my windows down, to make sure there was no train coming.

The reality of death by train in Tuscaloosa is a reality and very scary. So much so, that railroad officials, Tuscaloosa and University of Alabama police walked around near railroads yesterday and talked to pedestrians about railroad safety.

Officials say, that a train traveling at 55 mph takes a mile or a mile and a half to come to a complete stop. Never try to race a train. Also, pedestrians walking on the tracks can get stuck and fall.

When you come to a railroad track, stop and look both ways.

I hope the city of Tuscaloosa can make some provisions to the railroad tracks that can make it safe for all.

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