After seeing Magic Man at Lanier Automotive last year, Jireh asked me if he could come to her birthday party. I would have booked him if we'd been in town. I figured maybe we'd do it next year. Now, I'm rethinking even that.

Today, I came across a video where a girl swallowed an entire stick of butter.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this butter didn't even seem to be softened. I'm sure she isn't putting knives down her throat like Magic Man, but am I the only one who wonders how she discovered she had such a.... talent, I guess?

Having the ability to devour an entire stick of butter is both awe inspiring but at the same time befuddling.

I have so many questions.

Could her body be warm enough to make the butter melt that quickly, or.... I don't even know what the "or" should be here!

How is she breathing while the butter is in her throat until it reaches her esophagus?


Never mind.

She is talented indeed.  Bet she can't cough up a cigarette and puff it again, though.  Don't worry about it, Magic Man.  You're still the king around here!



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