On Friday, April 20, Temporary Emergency Services will serve dinner to its supporters at the Tuscaloosa River Market, but there's one catch-- the waiters for the event will be local celebrities, including the staff from WTUG!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Temporary Emergency Services' Celebrity Waiter Event, it is A LOT of fun! You'll see and hear some of the craziest things. If you've ever wondered what you could get someone to do "for a piece of change," this is the event to attend!

At previous celebrity waiter dinners, we've seen things like the former mayor of Northport dance, Shane Spiller showing his musical side, Senator Bobby Singleton hopping as the Omega Man he is, and so much more.

More information about the Celebrity Waiter Event is available at the Temporary Emergency Services website.

For information on how you can be a sponsor, click here.

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