The drama keeps building on ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York.’ Erica, the mother of Saigon’s son, has consulted her friend Mystic about starting a relationship with the rapper once again. Mystic is not excited to see him back in the picture. “He’s a piece of s--- who’s never been there for you,” she tells Erica. But Erica still wants to see if their family will work. “I just don’t see this ending well,” Mystic finally admits.

Meanwhile, Amina is ready to tell Tara that she is not just some side chick to Peter Gunz, but actually his wife. Peter already told Tara that he was just “f---ing her” so Tara has the impression that Amina is just one of his back-stabbing talents.

In Nya’s world, she invites Erica Mena to the studio to cut a track and she’s ready to get down to business. “I’m tired of shaking my ass,” says Nya, who is also a stripper. Erica Mena claims she’s always been involved in modeling and music at the same time and can handle recording at Nya’s pace, but Nya doesn’t believe her. “Besides in the strip club, nobody heard of you,” Mena yells at Nya. “You got a record, a charity record,” Nya throws back. The verbal spat ends in no work done and Erica leaves.

Erica Mena also introduces the world to a woman she has a “special connection” with. Now that she’s moved on from Rich Dollaz, she’s pursuing a relationship with Cyn Santana. “I never been in a relationship with a girl,” Cyn tells Erica at dinner. She’s a bit reluctant about getting involved with Erica, but she wants to win Cyn over.

There’s trouble in paradise for Joe Budden and Tahiry and its apparent therapy sessions aren't doing them any good. She informs Joe that she landed the movie role that she auditioned for. However, he doesn’t seem the least bit happy about the news because it means she will go away for four to six weeks to shoot. But as they say, the insecure ones are always the ones hiding something.

During their conversation, she finds hair in her bed that does not belong to her. “Why is it acceptable to have a woman in my bed?” she asks him. Joe gives her a blank stare and pretends to not have done anything wrong. “I only had a friend over,” he responds. The fact that he changed the sheets because they had foundation on the pillowcase has guilty written all over it.

In the final scene of the episode, Amina performs at a venue in Brooklyn. Both Rich Dollaz and Yandy go to see what she's capable of onstage. Even though it’s really none of Yandy’s business, she’s leery about signing Amina since she was told that she was Peter’s alleged “side chick.” “As far as I’m concerned, that’s a creep move and I’m not about that creep life,” Yandy says about Amina.

Tara is also on a mission to confront Amina and shows up at the spot. As the mother of Peter Gunz’s children, Tara feels Amina should not have been messing with “her man." “He told me, ‘I’m still there for the sake of the kids,’” Amina says.

As Tara gets more angry, Amina eventually spills that she is not just a woman on the sideline. “I want to see the facts,” Tara says. Amina is reluctant to prove anything up until Tara calls her just an outlet. “I'm an outlet? I’m his wife!” She then pulls out their marriage license. Tara throws the first blow and a fight breaks out.

Where's Peter when all of this is going down? Find out next week.

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