Love & Hip Hop Atlanta gave us a lot of dramatic-yet-entertaining nuggets this season. We didn't expect anyone to drop to their knees, but Lyfe Jennings whipped out a huge diamond ring just for Karlie Redd. Although the episode ended with that unexpected proposal, it really showed just how romantic or crazy these two could be. After Karlie thought Lyfe was married to another woman (he's not) and after she admitted to having relations to the now incarcerated Scrappy, he still wants to be married to her. While we're not sure what she'll say (but we think it's a 'yes'), you'll have to tune in next week to find out.

Now for the rest Monday night's episode,

Last week, we found out that Joseline and Stevie's marriage was a sham. And since Stevie is a free man and has been collaborating with Jessica, he thought it would be fun to bring her to some fun in Los Angeles. The only issue was Mimi was there to see their flirtation unfold. Of course, she wasn't pleased by the news -- not only because he's back to his creep ways but also because he's linking up with Jessica, who she pushed to sign to their management company a while back. The two talked it out, but she gave Stevie an ultimatum -- either he stops his ways or she's gone.

After his run-in with Mimi, Stevie confided in his friend, Faith Evans. He revealed that Joseline and him weren't married but also all the drama that he's been going through. Being the supportive friend that she is, Faith just told him to sort things out with Joseline.

So he agreed to meet up with him. However, he didn't anticipate that she'd bring someone else to the party. After they had their "serious talk," Tommie walked in for some play. And although we knew that Joseline and Tommie have been hooking up, which was all part of Joseline's revenge plan, Stevie didn't look too happy about joining in. And considering his track record, we're shocked that he was really holding back on jumping into the pool with two naked women.

Although the show is filled with love and relationship issues, Rasheeda, Kirk, D. Smith and Momma Dee proved that it's also about the music.

Rasheeda and Kirk seemed back on track with their relationship and businesses, but they've been having issues with their daughter, Kelsie. She's been trying to get signed to her parents' label for a while now, but Kirk and Rasheeda don't feel she's ready. Things went south when Kirk brought in a new artist that they not only just moved to Atlanta for further development under Kirk and Rasheeda's wings but also would be working at Pressed. Kelsie didn't take the news well and ended up walking out on her parents.

D. Smith dealt with a lot of problems with the main cliques within Atlanta, but that didn't bring her down. Instead, she kept her eyes forward and met with Cee-Lo. After letting him listen to her track, it was clear she made an impression and good connection with him.

Then there's Momma Dee. While she's been having issues with her husband and even though he's cheating on her, she didn't let that deter her from getting her music career on track. She met up with Yung Joc to discuss a collaboration, which brought on the idea of the "Momma Dee Shuffle."

There's a lot going on in the ATL. So be sure to tune in next week to see what happens next.

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