Anything's possible on Love & Hip-Hop, and last night's reunion proved just that.

The first of a two-part reunion opened on a positive note: Nina Parker congratulating Remy Ma on her Grammy nomination. But the positive energy quickly faded after LHH producers recapped the history of Cardi B. and Swift's relationship over the course of the season. But you can't recap Cardi and Swift's "love" without showing the entire triangle. For those late to the party, Swift was wooing Cardi while he was courting his girlfriend, Asia, halfway around the world. According to the footage, neither woman initially knew about the other, but once word got out, there was no coming back. Asia and Cardi only met once, but it was a negative encounter filled with slapping, thrown punches and some hair pulling.

To make great reality television, VH1 flew Asia in to surprise Swift and Cardi for the reunion. And Cardi just couldn't control herself. At some point during the season, the former stripper-turned-reality-star-turned-rapper stumbled across a text message exchange between Asia and Swift. Unimpressed with Swift's actions as they related to Ms. Cardi B., the producer's now-former girlfriend candidly expressed her dislike Cardi. Cardi B. didn't like that, so she willingly let Asia - and America - know exactly how she feels. Screaming "When you get a problem with me?" at Asia, Cardi stood up from her seat and sat on Swift's lap followed by a quick, "I'm gonna sit right here on this d---. When you get a problem with me?" Furious that she wasn't getting the answer she was looking for, Cardi threw her stiletto directly into Asia's chest and said, "Don't you know New York bitches are savages?"

If you caught the reunion, then you should have been channeling your inner Solange and asking, "What are you so mad about?" For Cardi, the answer is simple. She believes she's being judged for being a stripper, and wants Asia to admit that she only started judging her when she found out Cardi was a stripper. But since when does Cardi care what other people think?

While Cardi was busy handling business "New York style," the Creep Squad was busy remaining a house divided. Before Nina was ask two full questions, Cisco readily interjects himself into the night's drama by saying he was only friends with Rich Dollaz because he had to be. Knowing that would set off a trigger, Rich proceeded to go back and forth with Cisco, addressing official Creep Squad business. Meanwhile, Mariahlynn was yelling in Cisco's ear, encouraging him to "whoop Rich's ass." So what does Cisco do? He gets up and attempts to do just that. Fortunately, security was on immediate standby and prevented any major fight from occurring on stage. Watching Mariahlynn help tear his crew apart, Peter Gunz politely tells Mariah she should take her talent and remove it from the Creep Squad so that she doesn't help stir up any more trouble between a very tight-knit group of friends.

And although the original Creep Squad is on hiatus, Cisco put some respect (and his signature) on a check for Peter from money owed off a business deal gone wrong. (Sidenote, can anyone actually detail who started the Creep Squad?)

While Nina Parker spent most of her time stopping arguments or removing herself from a few physical brawls, Remy Ma and Papoose helped balance the chaos by addressing the loss of their unborn child. "I just feel cheated," Remy said expressing her feelings about her recent miscarriage. When asked how he's holding up, a pained Pap replied, "I don't have time to worry about myself. I gotta make sure my wife is okay. I don't want her to worry about me. That would be selfish." Then, Pap and Remy even go on the tell Nina Parker and the LHH audience that it was Papoose who convinced his rib to let the cameras film what they were going through as a family because he felt she needed to share her story and let other women going through the same situation know that they'll be okay and that they're not alone.

Before Part 1 of the reunion wrapped, Snoop took the stage and made things very clear to J. Adrienne: I don't want you back. According to Snoop, J.'s just too much to handle. J. Adrienne also cleared up the rumors about her leaving her son to move to New York to further her career. She says he's living with his father and that's a familial decision they made.

On the topic of familial decisions, Nina brings all three of the women Mendeecees has fathered children with - Yandy, Erika and Samantha - together so she can set the record straight on Mendeecees relationship timeline and his love for Yandy. Wondering how that conversation ended? Tune in next week!


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