This week, Amina is still begging Peter Gunz to act like a husband. She feels like ever since Tara found out the truth about their marriage, things have only gotten worse. “You be questioning me like I’m the FBI,” Gunz tells his wife. Amina is right about one thing: Gunz is back to his old ways. He later visits Tara and is back to his sneaky ways. Telling her he wants to “kiss 'it'" for the last time, Tara heads to the shower and Gunz follows.

Gunz later meets Amina at the park and she sings a song she wrote for him. “I love both of these women, which one of them do I love more? Whichever one I’m with at the moment,” Gunz says, no longer even trying to hide from his dirty ways. Amina also brings him a surprise and places a ring on his finger. Things are real at this point.

Meanwhile, Tahiry still has the blues. She walks into a wedding dress showroom to see Rashidah, who will be getting married soon. “I’m sad,” Tahiry says. Rashidah lets her know that her time will come. “You’re going to have your day in this white dress,” she assures Tahiry.

There's also family issues in Tahiry's life. She brings up the fact that her sister, Lexie, called her after almost five years of the two not speaking. The bad news: their father lost his apartment. Tahiry's sister blames her relationship with Joe Budden as the reason why she stopped speaking to their dad -- she neglected him. However, the siblings work it out after a tearful conversation and figure out a plan to raise money for their father and build a church for him to preach in -- a lifelong passion of his.

On the business side with Yandy and Rich Dollaz, things aren't looking too promising. She's not feeling the way Rich is handling business. “What the hell is going on with you finding talent?” she asks. While Yandy shows him a new venue, she chastises him for not holding down his part. “You’re going to be Rich the intern,” she warns him.

K. Michelle is back on this episode and reveals that she fired her assistant, Brianna, after a recent tour stop. Brianna later walks into the hair salon where Michelle is getting her hair done -- she tries to win her back by bringing her a bottle of Jack Daniles and some dog treats. “This ding dong has the nerve to bring some doggy treats,” K. Michelle says frustrated. Later, with her hair transformed from red to blonde, the singer meets up with Tara, who fills her in on her situation with Peter Gunz. “Look, you gotta leave that man alone,” K. Michelle tells Tara after hearing the drama unfold.

Since Gunz asked Rich to help manage Amina, he now asks Gunz to do him a favor and manage Erica Mena. They set up a business meeting, but instead of progress being made business wise, they start arguing and throwing glasses at each other. Messy business seems like it will follow these people forever.

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