We've all heard it said that it's not always what you know but sometimes who you know that makes the difference when it comes to certain things in life. Well, this week, that was proven.

I was part of a planning committee for a shower for my niece, who shall make her arrival next month. In a group text, I volunteered to take care of the decorations.

Anybody who knows me knows I don't have time to do much outside of my work schedule (which is literally 24/7) and motherhood. So, why did I volunteer to take care of decorations? Because it was the only thing I knew I could hire somebody else to do and because I love putting people on and making others aware of their gifts.

I asked a family friend from Aliceville if she could do it, and she wasn't sure she could. So, I called Dreams by K, as I'd seen some of the fabulous work this company had done. The owner said she could do the shower, but she also said she had a wedding to do this evening. The shower was moved to a later time than originally stated, and I didn't want to overwhelm her. So, I went right to WTUG's At Work Network Roll Call (which Monique Jordan does every weekday in the 1:00 hour) and made a call to LynCar Events and Designs.

I'd seen the decor from the fashion show put on by Rodney High, and I knew their work was exceptional as well. So, ON THURSDAY, I made the call.

Yes, you read that right. I called them Thursday for a shower on Saturday morning. If that isn't so bad, the theme for the shower was "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Tropical Baby Shower." I had no doubts about whether what they'd present would be nice. However, I was afraid they wouldn't have anything tropical. I was told they'd come up with something and that I should come by Friday morning to see if I liked it.

Upon my arrival, I saw a sample table that was simply beautiful! However, I received a picture later in the day, stating that they'd decided to amp it up a bit and add more color. I was happy just to have someone to do the decorations. So, this update was almost too much for me to handle.

Never the less, I got to the shower location this afternoon (the shower began at noon; so, I was a little late). When I entered the room, I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was! LynCar definitely glammed up the place! Everyone was amazed by the beauty of each centerpiece.


I'm not going to tell you to wait until the last minute to secure your decorations for any event, but I AM going to tell you that if you happen to be in need of decorators at the last minute, LynCar does great, professional work at a very affordable rate.

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