A man that witnesses say used a butcher knife to threaten a group of young women, was arrested earlier this evening, (Thursday 8/31), after he was wrestled to the ground by an intended victim inside of a Waffle House.

According to Tuscaloosa Police, at approximately 7:30 p.m. a 29-year-old man had finished eating a meal at Waffle House on the University Strip, and refused to pay. Police say the suspect got into a fight with another man, who was in close proximity of the suspect.

Witnesses recorded video of the fight.  The video shows the suspect being wrestled to the ground and held there until Tuscaloosa Police officers arrive and arrest him.

Law Enforcement Officials say that the same suspect allegedly threatened a group of young women near the University Strip with a butcher knife.

The suspect's identity and impending charges have not yet been released to the public at press time.

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