There are two words in a friendly game that can bring out the absolute worst in players, from those wishing to catch a foul from the opposite team, to the teammate who is just plain disgusted…

“You reneged!”

The same syllable count as “Jesus wept,” it probably evokes more emotion among the masses.  Hopefully, that phrase will not make an occurrence this week as McKinstry Banquet Hall presents the T-Town Spades Tournament.

This Friday night event requires participants to wear masks.  Hopefully, that won’t be a hindrance to the noise talking.  After all, what is a game of spades without talking smack?

Now, the pros know all the tricks: how to get a wicked card to stick to their foreheads until they’re ready to slap them on the table, how to make the card sound like it slaps their opponents in the face, and how to hit the card so that it spins upon impact.

A good game of spades can cause the losers to have very hurt feelings, winners to feel better about themselves than they have in a long time, and they’ll all say they had the best time ever.

Spades isn’t just a game of chance and skill but also a major opportunity to bond with a partner as well as opponents, and Friday’s event is a chance to pick up a few bucks.  Participating teams must pay $10 to play, and the winner of the tournament takes all. So, the more to enter, the greater the winnings.

In addition to the possibility of winning money, participants will also enjoy music, food, and fun.

For more information about the event, call (205) 292-5080.

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