The new age pimps aren't standing on corners or wearing big furs and flashy jewelry (well, okay,they might). However, a lot of those who are soliciting sex with women for exchange in money are doing so online. With the help of websites like Backpage ( which was suppose to be taken down by the government) and Craigslist, it's now easier than ever for 'pimps' and 'prostitutes'.

The illegal sex industry, better known as prostitution, is a billion dollar industry.

Just last week in Tuscaloosa, five women were arrested for prostitution.  Late last month, Donnell Malone, of Memphis, Tennessee was arrested in a hotel room. The police were called for a rape accusation. After interviewing Malone and the victim, they realized Malone had brought a couple of women from Memphis with him to solicit sex in Tuscaloosa. He was then charged with promoting prostitution.

While in jail, Malone asked one of the women who came with him to make a 'band' ($1,000) through prostitution so that he could bond out of jail.

Women are most lured into prostitution because of the money, however, Tuscaloosa police are cracking down and arresting anyone involved in the illegal industry.

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