Have you ever wanted to attend an event (or series of events) and didn't want to take your children, but everybody you can think of who would normally be on your sitter list will probably be taking part in the same activities?  Most of us have been there before.  It is said that finding a need and meeting it is the basis of a business.

Jennifer Wilson, of Birmingham, has apparently found a great way to make a few additional funds. She is offering daycare services for Miles College's Homecoming weekend.

If you planned to miss seeing old friends, to sit out on some things you wanted to attend, or thought you'd leave events and gatherings early so your family won't judge you for staying out "too late," now you have another option.  With 3 a.m. being the latest time to pick up, you can enjoy your classmates and friends until last call.

This lady is a genius.

Space is limited, though.  So, if you already know you need her services, you definitely want to act quickly.


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