Here in Alabama, we are no strangers to rivalries. We longstanding traditions of high school against high school, churches competing with each other (if you believe in God, just know that He is not pleased by the way), rural towns attempting to show they're better than each other, and so on.

But there are two rivalries that top them all: the University of Alabama vs. Auburn and....
Alabama vs. Mississippi!

No, not the University of Alabama against the University of Mississippi... The State of Alabama against the State of Mississippi.

It's no secret. We all read articles where the states are in the bottom of certain lists in terms of progress, and when Mississippi is No. 49 while Alabama is No. 50, residents think, "Well, it could be worse. We could be Alabama."

Vice versa for Alabamians.

The crazy thing is we're both still at the bottom, but we take pride in not being dead last as if next to last is much better.

However, when we come across news like this, our collective laugh is warranted!
COVID-19 put a damper on life that forced us to think of new ways to give honor to those who've made major accomplishments, those who are celebrating another year of life, etc.

One of the biggest topics is in how to honor graduating high school seniors.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves read the names of seniors from his alma mater during a webcast Saturday.

It is unclear how many members were on the vetting team, but whatever the number was, they all missed the name "Harry Azcrac!"

That's right, according to the Associated Press, the governor read the name "Harry Azcrac" aloud. Source.


The usual suspects I.P. Freely and Icie Yupee were nowhere to be found, and Reeves is said to have taken the prank in stride. He'll probably be the butt of jokes for a while (pun intended). That is, until someone in Alabama makes a major mishap.

And the countdown begins in 5.... 4.... 3.... 2...

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