Now if this doesn't beat all. A young man went to take his driving test in his 'Momma's' car. Now that ordinarily wouldn't be anything to talk about, but this has an interesting twist. While getting ready to take the driving test, a DMV examiner smelled the sweet smell of Marijuana wafting through the car. After getting one of the troopers to check things out, they found 1 pound of marijuana, a digital scale, a loaded handgun and $15,000 in cash.

Needless to say the young man didn't get to take his driving test and got the 'Monopoly' treatment...Go to jail, Go directly to jail, Do not pass go, Do not collect $200.

And what beats all is that he was in his 'Momma's' car. I wonder did he try and say all the stuff was hers? After all,It was her car.

I'll be willing to bet she won't let him get the keys to her car for quite a while.

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