Most Used Emojis

Emoji’s are digital images that express emotions.  Everyone is using emoji’s to chat with on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Text messages, and more.  There are tons of emoji’s now that can express everything in your life from cooking to stop signs.  In an article by Fast Company, according to Unicode, “the top three most popular emoji are the joy smiley face emoji (conveys teary-eyed laughter), used a whopping 9.9% of the time; the red heart emoji, used 6.6% of the time; and the heart eyes smiley face emoji, used 4.2% of the time. Unicode also ranked the emoji in groups by median frequency, with the peach emoji ranked seventh in usage, along with the mind-blown emoji.”

So, I checked out my most used emojis, which were the rolling eyes face, green heart, teary-eyed laughter, no emotion, and winking face.  That pretty much sums up my life.  Also, super excited that new releases of emoji’s will include “138 gender-neutral forms and 75 variations of the holding hands' emoji—made possible through new combinations of skin tone and gender—and more emoji representative of disability, like a hearing aid, prosthetic arm, seeing-eye dog emoji, and more. The new emoji will be rolling out to mobile phones starting this fall.”

Have a great Monday and use your emojis wisely!  Winking Eye Emoji! - Mary K

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