My First Nicodemus

I had the great pleasure of visiting a historic restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Nick’s Original Filet House, most know as Nicks in the Sticks that according to the menu cover it was established in 1939.  Let! Me! Tell! You! It was EVERYTHING everyone said it would be and more!  The combination of the atmosphere, service, food, drinks, and conversation made it a night to remember.

I was strongly encouraged to order the Nicodemus, which is what I would call a “sneak up on yah” drink.  It true fashion, it was served in a white Styrofoam cup, and as I sipped, I was trying to figure out the recipe.  For me, I felt like it was the Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch mixed with some fun, clear liquor.  At some point in the evening, my nose did turn red.

We started our night with appetizers as enjoyed the onion rings and chicken livers.  The onion rings tasted like they were touched by the Onion Ring Goddesses.  The chicken livers were probably the best I’ve ever had next to my own creation.  Then we were served a nice fresh garden salad with a choice of (of which I believed to be) homemade dressings, you know I tried them all.  For my entrée, I went with a medium-rare bacon-wrapped small filet, which was so delicious, and was paired with a good ole’ fashion loaded baked potatoes. Yum!

I will definitely be back at this Tuscaloosa institution for another Nicodemus!  You can visit Nicks in the Sticks at 4018 Culver Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401.

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