A family tradition after the Thanksgiving meal and football; I would host a Thanksgiving evening dessert party. Obviously, that’s postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the Thanksgiving dessert party, we would have tons of Christmas movies playing. Growing up, after all the family left our house, we would all get dessert (for the third time) and watch Christmas movies.

Not too long ago, DreDay gave us all his “must-see” holiday movies. I don’t disagree with his list BUT most of my favorites were not on this list. So, I’m challenging his list! Game On! It's like, what have you been watching DreDay???????

The big issue that I have with DreDay's list is that he didn’t include MY favorite movie as well as Alabama’s favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, noted by It’s A Southern Thing. It’s a classic!

His list went something like this:

Must-See Holiday Movies

Now, here is my take on the “must-see” holiday movies! Did I miss any? Let me know on Instagram at @MaryKRadio!

Must-See Holiday Movies Part 2

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