For Mother's Day, I had a chance to do something that I've never done before, visit the Mid-West!

Originally being from Brooklyn, New York, I've traveled to the States close to New York, not to mention, my Mom is from Charleston, SC.  So every year, my cousins and I would meet there for the summer.

In my adult life, I've been in most  Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee  but never have been to the Mid-West...until now!

This weekend, I went to my Boyfriend's niece graduation from The University Of Missouri! So, I asked him since we had to go Missouri, can we pass through St. Louis? I've never seen the Gateway Arch and since we were going, it would be a shame to not sit it!  Yup, I gave him the sad face!  Lol, so of course we went through St Louis and I had a chance to see the Gateway Arch!!

It was a long ride but well worth it!  Sometimes you should take the time and smell the roses, enjoy your surroundings and most of all, make time to do what makes you happy!


The Lou

Drving into St. Louis!



Here it is!!  The Cardinals Stadium and the Gateway Arch!