My Top 5 Prince Songs From The ’90s

Today is the anniversary of the untimely passing of Prince.  I was very heartbroken on April 21, 2016, because I am a huge fan.  Prince was a phenomenal singer, musician, actor, and the list is endless.  To honor Prince, here are my top 5 Prince songs from the ’90s.

#1 (1990) Graffiti Bridge Album, you had to be a true Prince fan to enjoy this one, but my favorite was “Thieves in The Temple.”

#2 & #3 (1991) Diamonds and Pearls Album, this is when I thought I was grown-grown!  My favorite songs were “Insatiable” and “Diamonds and Pearls.”

#4 (1992) Love Symbol Album, hands down my favorite song was “Damn U.”

#5 (1995) The Gold Experience Album, I feel in love with “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.”

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