Today, I was given a script for a commercial to run on "urban" radio. In the script, the female was identified as "Nancy," but let's be real here. How many 30- to 50-year-old Black women named Nancy do you know? I only know one.

But that whole incident made me think... My siblings and I used to play a game where we'd say formerly common names that are no longer given to newborns.

Since it's Friday, why not make it FUN?  Can you think of 10 names (male or female) that were once common but you don't hear much anymore?  I'll start.

  1. Eloise
  2. Fletcher
  3. Jacqueline
  4. Ruth
  5. Jerry
  6. Bert
  7. Paul
  8. Mary (Sorry, Mom. LOL)
  9. Betty [Sorry. LOL (I have an aunt named Betty.)]
  10. Bonnie [Sorry. LOL (I have an aunt named Bonnie, too.)]

There's nothing wrong with these names.  They just aren't common for newborns anymore.  Of course, I have more.  But how many can you name that aren't listed?


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