backyard waterfall

Have you ever been so bored, you know you want to do something but you can only leave for that day plus pay day isn't until next week? Been there, plenty of times!


That's when you have to get creative, so I looked up places near by that would be a nice road trip for here as well as cost efficient, because again, there's another week before payday!

To my surprise, there's a lot of places right here in Alabama that you and the family could hope in the car and make a day trip out of.  Unless you're a local in some of these places, you would have no idea that they existed!

Like this one place in Tuscumbia, AL.called Rattle Snake Saloon! The only reason I know about this place is because I was working at a station there and was invited by, then a listener, now a friend, Leilani and I remember telling her "I'm a city girl, there's NO WAY I'm going to a restaurant with the words Rattle Snake" in it!! She laughed sooo hard but I was sooo serious. Finally, I took a look at the place, if you like outdoors, you would LOVE IT!  It's beautiful!

That's just one place, to see the list of 9 places, click here