A local woman claims she was racially profiled at a Northport Big Lots.

The victim, Shandra Millhouse, says she went into Big Lots to return some items during her lunch break last week.She had her original receipt in hand. Instead of going through the normal refund process, the manager decided to look at video surveillance to make sure Millhouse came in with the merchandise.  It took the manager two hours to review, in which she found nothing. After granting her a refund, Millhouse received no apology. She did however call corporate upset and in tears.

After her experience, she took to Facebook to share her story on the Big Lots page. That's when local NAACP chapter president,Jerry Carter, reached out to her. Carter believes the actions of the manager are ridiculous.

Millhouse now plans to seek legal action.

What that manager did to Millhouse is completely unacceptable.

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