In a quick weekend road trip, I discovered my daughter's coloring book inside my bag. During a stop at the dollar store, I grabbed some markers. I knew this would keep her occupied while the adults conversed.

When we got to my cousin's house. There was another little girl already there. She was obviously the only child there with the rest of the adults and seemed to welcome another child in the house.

Jireh is usually a bit in the shy side, but I told her to ask the other little girl if she wanted to color. What child turns down coloring? None I've ever encountered.

So, they began coloring together. After a few minutes,  they were going outside to play in the back yard together. Eventually, another little girl came along. By this time, it was hard to believe they'd just met each other a short time before.

It was so effortless, I thought maybe I need to start taking a coloring book with me when I go places and ask other adults if they'd like to color. Seems like a surefire way to break the ice, right?

Ok. Maybe not.

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