love and hip hop Rasheeda

Finally, Rasheeda has had enough of Kirks BS!


Since the Love and Hip Hop reunion, fans..including myself has been wondering why is Rasheeda staying with Kirk? As you know he's been having infidelity issues and this last time resulting in his side piece, Jasmine actually having his baby!

Well, Rasheeda has had enough! She confirmed that they’re over. “We’re separated,” Rasheeda revealed to Porsha Williams on Dish Nation. “We’re working on making sure we’re doing everything we need to do for our family.”  Good for her!

She also told Porsha “We are parenting very well. We have good communication,” she continued. “Two people trying to figure out the best thing to do for our children.”

Now, that's a Boss move! It's not easy being a single parent but you got this girl!

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