As new years approach, most of us think of ways we want to be better (establishing resolutions), and we develop mottoes to help us hold on to what we deem to be our destinies.

Remember at the end of last year when everyone was playing upon the pun of the year 2020 vs. 20/20 vision? Well, I don’t know about anybody else, but I never expected to see many of the things 2020 brought.

I didn’t expect the COVID-19 to affect America the way it has, for schools to close in the Spring, or to lose my last grandfather in April before my siblings and I had a chance to visit.

I never thought my mom would lose another brother. She’d just lost one in September 2019 or that people who’ve been main fixtures in my life would suddenly be gone!

But with all of the things I didn’t expect, there is one thing I DO: I expect for my vote to be counted in November, and I’m not taking any chances on it being lost in the mail. I’m going to the polls!

While I normally place more attention on local elections, as municipal and county officials make the decisions that most directly affect us, the fact that certain appointments made on the federal level have no fixed terms, such as judges. Federal judges serve until their death, retirement, or conviction by the Senate. Source.

With this being the case and knowing that the rate of incarceration is unjust for some demographics, it is important to me to at least TRY to make way for unbiased people to occupy certain seats. The ONLY way to do that is by making sure my vote for the person who comes closest to representing my ideals is counted.

Registered voters who don’t exercise their rights have no right to complain.

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