Friday, I had a live remote at Lanier Automotive, where Reggae Flava food truck was set up.

I should have known from the line that was there when I arrived that the food would be good,  but of course I really had to see for myself.

I didn't know what to order. So, I asked for a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I ended up with cabbage, plantains, rice, and two kinds of chicken.

This may sound bad,  but I'd never had food from a truck that wasn't fried. While eating non-fried food was surprising,  the biggest surprise was how good it was!!!

It was very flavorful but not too salty. And the plantains.... I'd never had plantains before,  and these made me want to head to the grocery store to buy some and then go online to figure out how to cook them, of course.

Their servings were also bountiful. I ended up eating some on Friday and finishing it on Saturday!

That food was so good I went to follow them on social media so I can stay up on where they will be set up from now on.

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