A self-driving car owned by General Motors was ticketed in San Francisco Monday after not yielding to pedestrian on a crosswalk according to the San Francisco Police Department.The ticket comes as focus on self-driving cars is on the rise, following a deadly accident in Tempe, Arizona involving one of Uber's self-driving vehicles further fueling the debate over how safe self-driving cars are during testing.

The GM vehicle was pulled over in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood earlier this week after an officer saw the car cut off a woman walking on a crosswalk.

Cruise, a self-driving car startup acquired by GM in 2016, disputes the ticket and says its own data shows the pedestrian was far enough way from the vehicle. According to Cruise data the pedestrian was 10.8 feet away from the vehicle while in self-driving mode.

The human test driver, who was in the car at the time and ultimately received the citation, is not at fault and did everything right

This isn't the first time a self-driving car has been pulled over by police. In 2015, a Google self-driving car was pulled over for driving too slow.


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