Halloween is awesome for many reasons: you get to dress up; you get to party; you get to play pranks on friends, watch scary movies, and tell ghost stories. But let's be honest here--Halloween is awesome because you get FREE CANDY. What are the best treats you can get while hitting up the neighborhood on Halloween? Let me break it down for y'all.

It's been a long time since I was young enough to go trick-or-treating, but when I did go, I did it RIGHT. My siblings and I would harass our parents into taking us to a "good neighborhood" until my parents finally bought a house of their own. We lived near a country club in a suburb of Birmingham, and our neighborhood was PERFECT for trick-or-treating--one year I had to walk home and empty my overflowing pumpkin pail because I didn't have any other way to hold the massive, massive amounts of candy I acquired.

Before going to bed on Halloween night, I would pick apart my trick-or-treat stash. I'd do my best to organize it and toss out the gross stuff (more on that tomorrow), but there were always those scores that psyched me out beyond belief. Sometimes the candy was just too rad to share, and those little bits of sweet success are the inspiration for this list.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present The Seven Best Treats You Can Score While Trick-or-Treating on Halloween...

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    Brite Crawlers

    Brite Crawlers are the bomb. I still buy these on occasion; they're delicious. It's just the right amount of sweet and sour. I was a huge nerd and enjoyed separating each pack of Brite Crawlers and organizing the candy by color. I had fun, so don't judge... and I still do this. I don't have a problem! Y'all keep on scrollin', okay?

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    Sour Patch Kids

    YASSS. Finding a pack of Sour Patch Kids in your trick-or-treat loot was like winning the candy lottery. I was a kid in the late 80's/early 90's when sour and XTREME stuff was in, so bringing a pack of these bad boys to school on November 1st earned you instant playground cred. If my kid brings any home this Halloween, I am confiscating them immediately. MOM TAX!

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    Who doesn't want to 'Taste the Rainbow?' In a trick-or-treat bag loaded down with chocolate, fruity candy was always a welcome respite. I used to toss out all the citrus flavored ones, saving only the reds and purples in a Ziploc bag. I found out a while back that the Skittles Co nixed the lime in favor of green apple, so... BRB--need to purchase a metric ton of Skittles...

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    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    Chocolate + Peanut Butter = impossible to go wrong. Reese's Cups are dope. I love the big ones, and the teeny tiny ones are just as rad. When my husband and I were still dating, we bought a giant bag of the mini cups and ate them all while watching scary movies. There were OG peanut butter cups, dark chocolate peanut better cups, and white chocolate peanut butter cups. It was pretty much everything a gal could ever want. We need to do this again. Candy isn't just for kids, ok? HALLOWEEN IS FOR GROWN FOLKS, TOO. Gah.

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    Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin

    The only thing better than a Reese's Cup is a Reese's PUMPKIN. It's all the things you love about a peanut butter cup, but formed into a festive shape. Also it seems like you get more filling with these, so... mmm.... peanut butter...

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    I know you're looking at this and thinking, 'WHY ISN'T MONEY #1, MEG? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I'll explain: as kids, we never scored bank when trick-or-treating. There was one house that handed out crisp dollar bills, and there were a few houses that handed out change. The MOST I ever made in one night was like $3.25. Nothing worth freaking out over, but that was 90's money, and if we adjust for inflation and our sad, sad economy, it's like $4837875187 today.

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    Full Size Candy Bars

    There is no joy greater than receiving a full-size candy bar while trick-or-treating. The people who hand these out are gods among men, angels sent down from heaven to spread goodwill and cavities to all the boys and girls of the world.

    Full size candy bars are the ULTIMATE Halloween score. Fun size is for chumps. My new goal in life is to be that one cool mom who hands out full size candy bars on Halloween. Kids will visit my house and think, "This lady GETS IT," and thus the circle of life will be complete.

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