One of the latest controversies in sports stems from a situation where transgender teens who were born male are being allowed to compete in girls' sports.

If this is acceptable, should there be a separation of male and female sports? Should there be a completely different team for transgender people to participate against other transgender people?

If this is not acceptable, does it cross any LEGAL lines in terms of discrimination?

Remember the case of Caster Semenya?  She is a South African runner, who was born a female, but some officials question if she has too much testosterone to race against other women who have normal hormone levels. Full story.

Now, if a natural-born woman can have too much testosterone to race against other women, wouldn't it be easy to determine that athletes who were born male and have undergone no gender reassignment probably have too much testosterone to compete against other women athletes? Get more information on the case of the transgender teen runners here.

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