I can remember being a young child and taking off my shoes when entering our aunt's house.  She had light-colored carpet, even lighter than the standard apartment carpet (and we know how easily that stains). So, it was a rule that when we entered her home, we took off our shoes. I had other friends who weren't allowed to wear shoes indoors as well.

I remember watching Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, and as a kid I always wondered why he would come inside and change his shoes.

In recent years, my mom has set a "no shoes" policy for her home.

I kinda figured this was a cleanliness issue, as in dirt and other debris are tracked inside from the soles of our shoes.  I'd never considered the cultural practices of others or the microscopic filth carried in our shoes.

Now, I'm considering a "no shoes" practice for my home.

At my mom's, there's a storage bench with clean socks inside for those who may be wearing shoes without socks. I don't have a foyer, though.  So, for those who practice taking off shoes upon entrance, do you have a designated storage area?  Do you provide socks for guests who don't have any and are uncomfortable with walking barefoot?  Have you found that you have to sweep less?

What are the pros and cons?


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