Each year,  Temporary Emergency Services holds a celebrity waiter event to raise funds for the organization. The event Friday night was spectacular.

For starters, the Tuscaloosa River Market was beautifully decorated! Also, the event was catered by Southern Ale House. So, the food was remarkable. Serving it was a bit chaotic, but once attendees got their food, there were no complaints.

After being served, our guests made challenges to the servers. For instance, Ed Ramsey was paid $50 (to be given to TES,  of course) to put his heavy voice to use and sing "The First, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White. Unfortunately,  he didn't remember the song.  So, his "performance" was disastrous! But also,  Jireh and I were a serving team, and we were challenged to sing a duet of our choosing. We played it safe and sang "Mr. Telephone Man" but only the chorus.

Other fun things of the night included seeing Rodney Pelt of Mind Changers sing and dance, witnessing WVUA's Jabaree Prewitt dance with Tuscaloosa Police Department's Teena Richardson, doing The Wobble with other waiters, seeing Ms. Alabama smash a cake into someone's face, and more! Even Big Al was there!

For pictures, click here!

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