We all know that cyber crime is on the rise, but that doesn't mean old-fashioned identity theft has gone away. Today, Tuscaloosa Chevrolet is helping us get rid of those documents we don't really want to just trash.

Until noon, you can take all of your old documents to Tuscaloosa Chevrolet to be shredded, courtesy of Watchdog Document Services.  So, if you have a ton of papers in a box or bag tucked away until you can find the time to run them through your small office shredder, save yourself some time.  Load them up and head to Tuscaloosa Chevrolet.


Most individuals don't have this much, but the limit is 4 boxes. So, if your business is behind in the shredding of customers' information or old bills, invoices, etc. let Tuscaloosa Chevrolet and Watchdog Document Services help you out.  Again, this event ends at noon.  So, you want to get there soon.


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