In this great country that we live in things aren't as they should be. The saying is...Innocent until proven guilty. That's not the case with Ramad Chatman, a black man from Rome Georgia, is serving a 10-year prison sentence after an entire jury found him not guilty of a crime he says he did not commit.

Now let me get this straight, a jury finds you innocent yet you are sentenced to 10 years in prison?

Looking deeper into this, it turns out Ramad had 1 previous run in with the law. He was sentenced to first-offender probation of five years at the age of 19, when he entered a guilty plea for stealing a $120 television.

He paid his fines and stayed out of trouble. Even though he was found innocent, he still was put in jail because Superior Court Judge Jack Niedrach decided Chatman did likely rob the store, which legally, was enough for the judge to revoke his original probation. What is the world coming to when this sort of thing happens?

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