Black Panther is still ruling at the box office so it was only a matter of time before Saturday Night Live pokes fun at the comic book-adapted flick.

In a hilarious SNL sketch, Marvel fictitiously releases a deleted scene from Black Panther in which T’Challa (played by Chris Redd) travels to Djalia, the mystical land of his ancestors. It’s there that he meets his uncle N’Jobu (played by host Sterling K. Brown) and is introduced to his relatives including Uncle M’Butu (played by Kenan Thompson). M’Butu is the kind of uncle that shows up at the barbecue and drinks up on the liquor.

Things get bizarre when M'Butu is attempting to eat a half-frozen lion burger while singing the Lion King chant, which almost made Brown break out into laughter.

Sterling K. Brown, who stars on NBC's popular show This Is Us, displayed his comedic chops in a variety of sketches. In the Family Feud: Oscars Edition sketch, Brown played the rapper Common who constantly raps out his answers to trivia questions, much to chagrin of Steven Harvey (played by Kenan Thompson). You can watch it here.

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