The Barclays Scottish Open - Day Three
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So the state of Alabama is under a state of emergency today with the severe weather threat we are currently under. I have a 17 year old son who happy as you know what that he's home today. One thing I said to him before I left to go to work today was, " hey don't sit around here and play video games all day.

I guess the question is, what do you and your kids do when you are stuck at Home or if the kids are stuck at home by themselves. Well we know if a parent is stuck home, it's really not an off day. Some how some way that work needs to be made up, with the kids since the entire state is in a state of emergency there's no need to make up the work or the day at all.

Bake or cook. Bathing suit season isn't for a few months, so your New Year's resolutions can wait as you indulge in sweet treats or comfort foods that warm up the house (and your belly).

  • Get an early start on upcoming birthday or holiday cards. You can make Cards for Mother's Day, grandma's 76th, Administrative Professionals' Day, and so on...
  • Fashion shoot. Play dress up with old Halloween costumes, take photos, crank up the dance music and have fun on the hallway runway.
  • Arts and crafts. Besides cards, you could make a birdfeeder (add peanut butter and seeds to any pine cone), paint a masterpiece.
  • Clean the house. Putting away all those empty boxes, unplayed-with-toys, and dirty laundry will invigorate you and (if you're lucky) exhaust the little ones to go down for nap time.
  • Play Video Games
  • Pick a Movie series or watch Hulu
  • Paint a room
  • Clean you garage


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