Right now, the City of Tuscaloosa is on lock, as a mandatory citywide curfew has been implemented. This means, only essential personnel are to report to work; and other than that, the only time you're supposed to leave your home is to get groceries, check on the elderly or disabled, seek medical treatment, etc.

Those outside Tuscaloosa have been questioning what their municipalities have planned as a means of flattening the curve.  Some say they will follow suit with Mayor Maddox's plan, even though he is not their mayor.  They simply want to do whatever is necessary to eradicate COVID-19, whether they're given a mandate or not.

As scary as things are right now, it's sometimes hard to find a bright spot. Music and humor are always suitable resorts.

So, check this out.... It's a special dedication to everyone outside Tuscaloosa.  Be sure to share it with all of your Tuscaloosa friends.  They'll be glad (or mad) you did.

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