Stillman College Giving Day is Underway

I am really excited to share that Stillman College is hosting a “Giving Day” on November 4-5, 2020.  Stillman College is an HBCU that prepares students for a different world. I encourage you to participate in donating in “Giving Day.”

There is a rich and intriguing Stillman College dating back to 1876. Their mission and vision are deeply rooting in Christian education. In 2017, Stillman College named Dr. Cynthia Warrick as the seventh and first female President.

Stillman Giving Day is a “1,876-minute fundraising and celebration effort November 4-5. The first college-wide giving event challenges students, alumni, staff, faculty, parents, and friends to imagine more for Stillman College and the programs near to their hearts. In our first year, we are trying to surpass 1,876 donors in honor of the college’s founding year.”

Click here to get more details on Giving Day and how to donate.  There are many ways to participate in “Giving Day.” You can “become a social media ambassador and share your giving story, become a challenge or matching donor, and, of course, give a gift on Giving Day through the giving day website.”

As a fellow HBCU graduate, I treasure Stillman College because of its impact on its students and community. There is still plenty of time to donate to the Stillman College “Giving Day.” Find it in your heart to donate to help support the mission and vision of this beloved institution.

(Source) For more about Stillman College, click here. For more about “Giving Day,” click here.

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