Tuscaloosa officials report that the young man killed in a shooting at Stillman College Monday morning was 22-year-old Davanta Anderson.

While it is said that the suspect in the case claims self-defense, those close to Anderson took to his Facebook page to express condolences, and many state that he was extremely humorous and that his killing comes by complete surprise.

Though Anderson was not a student at Stillman College, classes were canceled as the case is under investigation.

Administration maintains that Stillman is one of the safest places in Tuscaloosa, as security is in place 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (Source.)

Security at Stillman has a long reputation of being “over the top,” but the fact is that very few violent incidents have occurred at the school since its inception; and the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors was strengthened when then-President Ernest McNealey installed gated entrances and iron fences.

Just a few weeks ago, Stillman went on lockdown during Homecoming festivities as the result of an unrelated shooting in a neighborhood near the college.

He faced a lot of criticism for his spending, but it looks like Dr. McNealey recognized the importance of protecting the students entrusted into Stillman’s care. For that, parents are grateful.

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