So, moment of truth: My daughter has slept in my bed since September.  However, I HAD TO fix that! 

Back story...

From the time she was born, we have been extremely close.  It was rare for a person to see me and not see her.  I've taken her to concerts, events I've had to host, and she's spent numerous nights with me at work.  So, when I moved out of town, she stayed with my family. Each time I came home, she clung to me.  She'd often fall asleep with her head on my chest while watching tv.  Instead of picking her up and putting her in her own bed, I just rolled her to the other side of the bed.

As much as I love my child and love the fact that she wants to be around me, THAT was getting old.

She confided in me that she didn't like sleeping in her room because it was too dark. She said her night light wasn't bright enough.

I'd purchased a string of lights that I planned to hang across her ceiling, but I couldn't figure out exactly where I wanted to put it.  When she told me that her room was too dark, I had a "light bulb" moment (pun intended).  I remembered that while putting her bed together, the mattresses sat on wooden slats. I decided to hang the string from her bed, with the bulbs hanging between the slats.  That way, if they happened to overheat, they wouldn't be close to the bedding.

Since having those lights over her bed, Jireh hasn't come anywhere near my bed! She said the lights are comforting and she always loved sleeping in her bed.

Needless to say, I'm ecstatic! I should have done this sooner.


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