In case of “this shouldn’t have gone to court, a Michigan judge granted joint custody to a father whose child was born as a result of rape. That’s right, the man raped a 12-year-old, who bore a child as a result, and she was ordered to share custody with her rapist!

Luckily, the judge in the case learned the details and stayed his order.  A hearing on this case has been set for Oct. 17.

But why?

According to USA Today, the man hasn’t even't sought custody!

Is there a law that says it’s once an order has been made, another hearing must be held? It would seem that the criminal element constitutes throwing out the possibility of there being shared custody. Or does the rehabilitation of former criminals through incarceration give them full rights once they’ve completed their punishment?

Whatever the case, this had to have been humiliating for a mother who had to accept a child born of an assault, and it never should have been an issue.

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