Stuffing or Dressing

Today is National Stuffing Day!  And we are going to enter the age-old debate – Stuffing or Dressing.  I grew up with both.  My mother made the stuffing, and my Aunt always made dressing; to be honest, I love both.  Technically I love all things Thanksgiving.  The stuffing my mother made was with onions, celery, spices, herbs, and dried bread crumbs.  This Food Network recipe for Classic Stuffing is pretty close to what my mother used to whip up.  One year she added apples, and it was a hit.  Now my Aunt was from the “deep south,” and she jazzed it up for Thanksgiving with Corn Bread dressing, which was the first thing on my Dad’s plate.  My neighbor when I lived in Helena, Alabama, Barbara who turned into a dear friend used to make Thanksgiving Stuffing cups that were so cute and delicious.

OK, back to the debate - Stuffing or Dressing.  Is there a difference?  I say YES, for me, it is a texture difference.  Some would argue the difference is that one is stuffed inside the turkey, and one is made in a pan.  Some claim it is a North vs. South debate.  Whatever it is, I like it all.

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