In recent years, we've seen various frozen yogurt bars emerge. What makes most of them so popular is the ability to customize the product and pay accordingly. Well, now there's a t-shirt shop in town that does the same.

The T-Shirt Bar (set to open Saturday, June 23), is NOT your average, run-of-the-mill t-shirt shop.  The store is stocked with t-shirts of various sizes and colors, beach- and hobo-style bags, temperature-keeping tumblers, aprons and more!

But what makes this business different from others is the ability for the customer to purchase a basic tee (starting at just $3.50), create your own image or saying, print it on your tee, and leave with it in your hand!

Let's say you're having a family reunion, and you've purchased your shirt with the group but you want to customize the back (you know one branch wants to look "better" than the other branches), you can even bring your pre-printed shirt and have something added to the back or it.

In addition to the shirts, every item in the store has the ability to be customized. So, if you want to get a gift for someone that looks well-thought, even if it was last minute, The T-Shirt Bar might be a place to consider.

3801 Greensboro Ave, Ste B; Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

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