One of Tuscaloosa's most vocal residents goes by the name of Derrick Crummie.  So, it's no surprise that he is half of a team that has opened a business that encourages expression... Artistic expression, that is!

The Renaissance Center is described as a cultural arts lounge and arcade.  It is the perfect combination of its owners/operators Derrick Crummie and fiancee' Kivetta Peoples.  Derrick is a poetry proponent and also a gamer.  Kivetta, whose work is displayed throughout the Renaissance Center, finds herself drawn to art and jazz; but she's also a self-described computer nerd (as she build websites, does graphic design, etc).  With such soulful and techno interests, it's no surprise that these two found each other or that they've combined their passions into a business.

The Renaissance Center was a long time in the making.  The entire process took over a year. Initially, they planned to simply open a book cart in the mall in January 2017.  When those plans didn't go well, they sought a new location within the same price range.  With the help of investors, the Renaissance Center opened this year.

Since opening, the venue has hosted a number of events including book releases, business card creation, a Jokes and Strokes event, a Sips and Strokes event, and even a gender reveal party.  With a stocked bar as well as cafe, it's the perfect location to enjoy a casual date as well.

One of the things that makes the Renaissance Center so unique is its gaming facilities.  In addition to traditional video games, a golf simulator gives those who enjoy the game an opportunity to sharpen their skills without interference from outside elements.

Gaming is taken very seriously, too. In fact, a tournament will take place on June 22, where FGC Tuscaloosa will take on Top Games from Birmingham in Dragonball Z Fighter, Tekken, and Street Fighter 5.

Sound like fun, right?  Well, if you like fun but gaming isn't your thing, perhaps comedy is! As previously mentioned, a number of comedy gathers have been held at the Renaissance Center, and there are more being planned.

If you haven't been to the Renaissance Center, you should probably consider checking it out.

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