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Does it seem like the spark in your relationship is fading or even gone?

With the kids, the job and the everyday in and outs of life, sometimes we tend to neglect our significant other.  First it's days, then it turns into weeks, then months!  Often, people forget that relationships also takes work and as time goes by, even more work!

A recent survey asked 2,000 people, how long did it take the spark to go out of their relationship and the average answer was 5 years and 2 months in.

The survey also asked people to name the top SIGNS a relationship is losing its spark.

Here are some of the top answers:


1. No sex

2. you don't cuddle

3. rarely say "I love you"

4. you don't do things together, or go on dates

5. you let yourself go."

6. Cheating,

7. nitpicking

8. sleeping in different rooms also made the top ten.


Now here are the top ten ways to get the spark BACK, according to the survey.  


1. Listening to each other

2. Telling them you love them

3. Booking a weekend away in the middle of nowhere

4. Kissing more often

5. Making small, random gestures such as sending flowers or a card for no particular reason

6. ‘Spicing things up' in the bedroom

7. Flirting with each other

8. Going for a candlelit dinner

9. Going abroad to a romantic city like Paris or Venice

10. Putting your phones down


Hope that helps!  To get a full list of the survey, Click here